Cloning Stu I and Sma I fragments

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Wed May 21 12:58:53 EST 1997

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I remember reading in this newsgroup a while ago that Sma I sometimes has a 
contaminating exonuclease that chews off a base from the cut end...You may be 
able to find the thread if you search the archives

Hope this helps.

>Hello all!
>I've been having trouble trying to clone a ~350 bp Sma I fragment into
>a Stu I site of a hGH expression plasmid. Does anyone have any
>experience using these particular enzymes?. Both are blunt cutters, by
>the way, but I've had successful clonings in the past with blunts...
>Any help would be appreciated!
>Jose E. N. Gonzales
>Note: e-mail address is josegonz at

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