Q: oligo's

Dr. Michael T. MacDonell sendero at ix.netcom.com
Mon May 26 10:19:29 EST 1997

Dear Peter:

I probably depends on what is meant by "a large number"
since that may mean 20 to a researcher, but 200 to a custom
synthesis company.

There are a couple of companies offering custom synthesized
primers at $0.69/base, but there are length restrictions on
them, and I believe that what you are looking for is somewhat
longer than will qualify.

Quite a number of companies are in the $0.85/base range.  The 
Great American Gene Company (geneco at ix.netcom.com) offers
ethanol precipitated oligos at $0.75/base, but there is a 
small surcharge for oligos longer than 55 bases. If you 
really are talking about a lot of primers, say a hundred or
so, you can almost certainly get the surcharge waived and
end up at $0.75/base.

Look on the back page of SCIENCE. If you check about 3 or 4
issues in a row, you will get a pretty good idea of the 
least expensive custom oligo services.  Also, check out
BioTechniques, there are about 12 companies advertising there.

I hope some of this points you in the right direction!

Best Regards!

In article <33897A1E.6A77E987 at uz.kuleuven.ac.be>,
	peter.cherepanov at uz.kuleuven.ac.be (Peter Cherepanov) wrote:
>Hi people!
>what is the cheapest place to oder a large number of oligos for gene
>synthesis? They don't have to be very clean, just "PCR quality" would be
>okey. Length 50-70 nt each.
>hope to get any suggestions,

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