Reply to Fast& Cheap Plasmid Miniprep Kit

Qguo at Qguo at
Wed May 28 01:24:36 EST 1997

I have used many different commercial kit for Plasmid miniprep, usually
Quagen's plasmid Purification kit worked well, it worked stable, and fast.
But recently I am using Omega Biotek's miniprep kit, it works very good, get
very good yield as Quagen, it is a little bit fast, one miniprep takes only
10 mins, average yield is about 30mg, the most important reason for me to use
this kit is that it is much cheap: only $35 for 50 minipreps. I think it is a
good deal. I hope you call them to asking a free sample or visit their Web
Page: www. I hope this information can help you at some
point. Good luck for your experiment.

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