lipofection for Vero cell line

Deb Schuback schuback at
Tue May 27 16:13:52 EST 1997

We use Gibco Lipofectamine with consistantly good results. It is the ONLY
lipid method that our lab uses. It is important NOT to mix it up with
lipofectin. Best of luck,

On Tue, 27 May 1997, Ramon Garcia Escudero wrote:

> We are trying to have a efective method for lipofection of E. coli
> plasmids and cosmids in Vero cells. The problem is that there are many
> commercial lipids for DNA transfer in mammalian cells but results for
> Vero cells (green monkey kidney) are not described. Do anyone know  a
> efficient method for lipofection of plasmid DNA in this cell line?
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