Taq activity at various temperatures?

John Ladasky ladasky at leland.Stanford.EDU
Tue May 27 16:32:59 EST 1997

Hi there,

	I just read a few dozen Medline abstracts trying to find what should
be a simple piece of information: how does Taq polymerase activity vary as
a function of temperature?  The literature says that 72 degrees is "optimal,"
(in what way?  Yield?  Extension rate?  Error rate?) and polymerization falls
off rapidly above this temperature.  On the cooler side, people run two-step
PCR's at 65 to 68 degrees.  And some unconfirmed hearsay says that Taq can
even catalyze a bit of DNA synthesis at room temperature (which is about 25
degrees in these parts).  So has anyone actually measured various aspects of
Taq activity at various temperatures?  If so, where is this data reported?

	Thanks a lot!

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