5'end labeling

Halina Sobolewska hs3 at stir.ac.uk
Tue May 27 10:24:34 EST 1997

I'm 5'end labeling primers to amplify microsatellites. When I examine the 
literature it seems that some say you should use the same molar ratio e.g 
10pmoles of your oligo with 10pmoles of 32P.  One reference labeled 
200pmoles of micro primers with 30pmoles of 32P, another uses a great 
excess of the isotope. They were all using 32P with a specific activity 
>3000Ci/mmol, 10mCi/ml.
Does anybody have any ideas on this?

Halina Sobolewska,
PhD student, 
Institute of Aquaculture,
University of Stirling

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