RNA sizes

Kai M. Schmidt-Ott schmidt-ott at ukbf.fu-berlin.de
Wed May 28 05:31:46 EST 1997

I made a weird observation concerning RNA sizes: I ran total RNA 
from tissue cultures on a non-denaturating agarose gel to check for
integrity, using a DNA size marker (100 bp-Marker). On repetition of the
experiment, the 18S and 28S bands appeared in different positions
relative to the DNA marker. I suspect that this might be due to
different concentrations of agarose in the gel. Has anyone made a
similar observation ?
Secondly, I am desperately looking for a source where I can find the
exact bp sizes of the 18S and 28S RNA bands in different species, for
example in rats, mice, cattle etc.
Best regards,
Kai M. Schmidt-Ott

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