published reagents not forthcoming

john gately jgluz at MAIL.MED.CORNELL.EDU
Wed May 28 14:48:38 EST 1997

Folks--Although it is a condition of publication of publically funded
research that reagents such as cDNAs be made available upon request, it
seems more often than not that such inquiries are met with resistance if
not flat out refusals.  There are those who make up lame excuses for not
giving out the reagent and others who just plainly decline and some who
just refuse to respond altogether.  As a graduate student just trying to
get my work done, I'm nonplussed and exasperated by this state of
affairs.  If you have had or are having a similar experience and have
any ideas as to how this situation might be rectified, please contact
me.  I would like to do something about this and am looking for
like-minded people.  Ideally, I would like to see the NIH withhold
funding from researchers who refuse to honor requests for publically-
funded published materials. Sincerely--John G. Luz

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