Purified p53: help !

Jean-Yves Masson massonjy at hmr.qc.ca
Wed May 28 19:51:53 EST 1997

Dear netters,
	I am desesperatly searching for some purified p53 (especially wt but
any mutant forms would be perfect). I would be very happy if someone
could kindly send me an aliquot of this precious material. Of course, I
am ready to pay for the shipment.

With best regards,

Jean-Yves Masson
Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital
Research Center
5415 Boul de l'Assomption
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H1T 2M4
Tel (514) 252-3400 ext 3349
Fax (514) 252-3569

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