RNA sizes

j.r.stephen mbi071 at sysc.abdn.ac.uk
Wed May 28 10:55:43 EST 1997

Hi Kai,

For sizes, try the Ribosomal Database Project at


Sure you'll find everything you want there. As for the variability in sizes,
you're probably right, just an agarose effect.

Good luck,

John Stephen
Kai M. Schmidt-Ott (schmidt-ott at ukbf.fu-berlin.de) wrote:
: Hello!
: I made a weird observation concerning RNA sizes: I ran total RNA 
: from tissue cultures on a non-denaturating agarose gel to check for
: integrity, using a DNA size marker (100 bp-Marker). On repetition of the
: experiment, the 18S and 28S bands appeared in different positions
: relative to the DNA marker. I suspect that this might be due to
: different concentrations of agarose in the gel. Has anyone made a
: similar observation ?
: Secondly, I am desperately looking for a source where I can find the
: exact bp sizes of the 18S and 28S RNA bands in different species, for
: example in rats, mice, cattle etc.
: Best regards,
: Kai M. Schmidt-Ott

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