Help! Plaques don't come up.

Andrew Wallace a.wallace at
Thu May 29 03:38:37 EST 1997

Zhong Zhao (BioChem) wrote:
> Hi.
> I am preparing filters for screening Rat Genomic Library. However, I have
> a problem in getting good plaques on plates.
> After overnight in 37C incubator, I see nice plaques but all of them are
> below the surface of topping agarose. The surface of the topping looks
> very shinny. I tried to adjust the topping agarose temp and different
> agarose and all failed.
> Since I do not see plaques on surface, I decide not to make filters since
> there may be nothing there.
> What goes wrong here?
> Please help.
> Thanks much.
> John.

I would also be interested in receiving any advice or information about
this problem, since I am having similar difficulties at the moment using
XL1-Blue transfected with M13 and growing on ordinary LB agar.

Have tried different top agar formulations without success.

Please email any replies directly to me at a.wallace at as there
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newsreader. Note also that my reply address has been modified to prevent
spam, so don't just hit "reply".

Thanks for any help,

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