His tag antibody for BRL fastbac baculovirus system

Thomas R. Anderson babco at ix.netcom.com
Fri May 30 00:29:32 EST 1997

In <5mh3n8$d0f at paperboy.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk> plxsrt at pln1.nott.ac.uk
>Does anyone know of an antibody that give good results with this
>particular tag?  Several suppliers do make abs that recognise 6His  or
>related sequences but I don't know how well they work with this
>N-terminal tag.
You are correct--several companies make abs that recognize his-tagged
proteins, but the epitope to which many of these antibodies bind
includes some residues from the flanking sequence in the vector.

Berkeley Antibody Company (BAbCO) has an antibody that recognizes the
polyhistidine epitope regardless of the flanking sequence.  It was
generated by immunizing mice with a polyhistidine tagged protein, and
screening with a different unrelated polyhistidine tagged protein
expressed in an unrelated vector.  The resultant antibody can be much
more useful than many of the others, because it can be used to detect
polyhistidine-tagged proteins regardless of the expression vector used.

If interested in more information or if you need to know the
appropriate distributers outside the US, please reply to this email, or
direct your query to:  tanders at babco.com

Thanks very much.

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