TSS Transformation problems

Chris Kafer ckafer at iastate.edu
Thu May 29 21:02:18 EST 1997

Has anybody else experienced this?  Which is found to be better, the
1x or 2x TSS protocol?

On 29 May 1997 14:36:00 -0700, chtsai at MTU.EDU (Chung Jui Tsai) wrote:

>When I first saw the protocol, I also liked the 2X TSS one better, simply
>because it's super easy -- all I need is 1:1 dilution and the cells are
>ready to go!!
>I filter sterilized LB+MgCl2+PEG then added DMSO and it was only a bit
>cloudy as I remember.  However, I did not have any luck in making good
>competent cells with 2X TSS (actually I tried only once) -- I did not get
>any transformants using these cells in a test run (with other competent
>cells).  Then I tried the 1X TSS protocol with one extra centrifugation
>step, and IT WORKS GREAT.  In fact, my 1X TSS slou has been sitting at 4C
>for more than a year and is still working fine......  
>Hope this helps.

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