Primers for microsatellite and ISSR: suppliers?

s.pritchard mmd280 at
Thu May 29 10:29:26 EST 1997

deborah.hailstones at SMTPGWY.AGRIC.NSW.GOV.AU wrote:

:      Dear all,
:      I am interested in running some microsatellite and / or inter-simple 
:      sequence repeat type analyses on cultivars of citrus.  I know that 
:      Operon Tech. has kits of random primers for initial analyses of RAPDs 
:      etc (small amounts of 25 different primers for $US200), but does 
:      anyone know of a supplier of the corresponding type of kit for msat 
:      and ISSR primers?
:      Any thoughts on this (or advice on plant microsatellite methods) much 
:      appreciated!
:      TIA
:      Deb

A good company to try is Research Genetics.I just got the Mappairs catalogue
from them and they have an extremely good stock of MS primer pairs for many

You could give them a call at 800-533-4363 (US and Canada) and see what they
have got.They have VERY good prices....20$ fo a primer set with enough for 400
Hope this helps

Stuart Pritchard

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