pipetman:price vs QC

Steve Hartson shartson at BMB-FS1.BIOCHEM.OKSTATE.EDU
Thu May 29 14:32:05 EST 1997

Hi all,
This last year, I've noted a lot of new "generic" versions of the 
durable classic Rainin pipetman line of micropipeters.  Some of them 
seem to cost a lot less than the Rainin line (e.g.-$170 from Denville 
Scientific vs. $244 from Rainin).  My question:  are the generic 
knockoffs comparable in quality to the Rainin products?  How 'bout the 
Denville product, specifically?  Any notable differences?  Any 
recommended "pipetmen" that cost significantly less than $250?  I'm 
getting ready to buy two sets of three and I don't want to end up with 
junk just because I'm cheap! Thanks...

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