Two-Hybrid Filter-lift Assay

Joe Boutell boutell at
Thu May 29 03:32:04 EST 1997

Hiya Ricky!
Firstly, you don't want all the cells to transfer onto the filter as then 
you wouldn't have any left to go back to when you get the blue colour on 
the filter. However, what i do to make sure i get a decent amount of 
transfer is 1) apply a bit of pressure to the filters when laid on the 
plates using a conventional L-shaped spreader and 2) leave them on the 
plates for a few minutes before peeling back from one side.
Hope that helps,
Joe Boutell.

boernke at (Frederik Boernke) wrote:
>I'm using Stratagene's Hybri-ZAP Kit, but I always have problems with
>transfering colinies from plates onto filter papers. Most of the cells 
>remain on the plate. Has anyone an idea?
>Frederik Boernke
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