Is the access RT-PCR system O.K.?

Arthur Osterop Ph.D. osterop at
Thu May 29 10:09:07 EST 1997

Dear netters,

I have screened our newsgroup on commends according the usefullness of 
the access RT-PCR system from Promega (no affiliations) and had to go 
back to 1995 for a question concerning this system. However at that time 
the kit was a new product and the author then did not receive any 
I am scared of getting contaminations as I have to perform several 
hundreds of the same RT-PCRs. Therefore this "two enzyme in one kit" 
system looks fine to me as there is minimal handling of amplified 
material necessary. Now, has anyone good or bad experiences with this 
system and wants to let me, and probably others, know what we can expect 
from it with regard to optimalisation of the reactions, quantity of 
product vs. template, the inclusion of UNG in combination with dUTP and 
more undefined features?

Thanks in advance!
With best regards,

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