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Thu May 29 15:08:07 EST 1997

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> Hi !  
> Does anyone know of a good vector which gives a synthetic poly-A tail
> to the RNA transcribed from it in vitro, pls ?
> I mean, besides, Promega's pSP64 Poly(A) <-- the tail is too short,
> and my insert has EcoRI sites (so I can't linearize ! HELP !! ).
> Thanks !
> Patrick F.H. Lai
> PhD student, U of Toronto
> 97MAY29


have you considered using poly-A polymerase and ATP to tail your
transcript?  I made a modification of pSP64 poly-A but it has the same
sites and same A-tail length (as far as I could tell) so probably wouldn't
do you much good.  You could also try not linearizing or linearizing
further downstream.

Good Luck.

Lyle Najita
Plant Pathology
University of California - Davis

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