polyadenylation signal

Brick Ayola bayola at b.imap.itd.umich.edu
Fri May 30 15:44:28 EST 1997

As so often happens in Biology, there exists exceptions. Mammalian
hepadnaviruses do not have the canonical eukaryotic poly(A) signal AAUAAA.
Instead, they possess the less efficient UAUAAA.

Brick Ayola, Ph.D.

On Tue, 27 May 1997, Miss. V.M. Hodges wrote:

> I have isolated a number of murine cDNAs by differential display, but some
> of them appear not to have a polyadenylation signal (AATAAA) even though
> they have what appears to be a poly A tail.
> Is there an alternative signal to AATAAA?
> Should I worry?
> Any advice would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Vivien.
> My E-mail address is v.hodges at qub.ac.uk  if you want to contact me
> directly.

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