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> Hi all,
> This last year, I've noted a lot of new "generic" versions of the 
> durable classic Rainin pipetman line of micropipeters.  Some of them 
> seem to cost a lot less than the Rainin line (e.g.-$170 from Denville 
> Scientific vs. $244 from Rainin).  My question:  are the generic 
> knockoffs comparable in quality to the Rainin products?  How 'bout the 
> Denville product, specifically?  Any notable differences?  Any 
> recommended "pipetmen" that cost significantly less than $250?  I'm 
> getting ready to buy two sets of three and I don't want to end up with 
> junk just because I'm cheap! Thanks...

we had really miserable luck with a set of the Denville pipettors that we
bought.  the action is very rough, even after an overhaul and they keep
calibration long enough for you to put a tip on the end.  we've relegated
our set to the gel bench where they don't pipet anything more crucial than
APS and TEMED.  since buying that set we've sucked it up and bought 4 more
sets of Rainin's which work flawlessly.

we got a very early set of the pipettors from Denville, so they may have
worked the bugs out of the production since then, but i wouldn't buy
another set from them.

my 2 cents,


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