Tn1000 (Gamma-Delta) sequencing system

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>> I know I have seen somewhere a commercial supplier for sequencing
>> subcloning using Tn1000 but I can't seem to find the source. Does anyone
>> know which company sells this product. Thanks for any info.
>We got our Tn1000 kit from Gold Biotechnology Inc. several years back.
>The address is 8620 Pennell Drive, St. Louis, MO 63114
>Ph. 314-993-2744
>Fax. 314-993-2247

I've got a slightly different address for them, so if the above doesn't
work, try this:

:Gold BioTechnology Inc,
:7166 Manchester Road
:St Louis, MO 63143
:(314) 647 2509
:Fax (314) 647 4134

FWIW - I love this system, and I'll never go back to ExoIII-type methods
again! At least the version of the kit I bought (several years ago), the
PCR screening method was less reliable than the one given in the original
paper: Strathmann et al, PNAS USA Vol88, pp1247-1250, 1991.

Come to think of it, Paul(?) Gold posted here a couple of weeks back, so no
doubt he can tell us which address is correct....


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