Homemade Chemiluminescent Protocols?

Wolfgang Schechinger wgschech at med.uni-tuebingen.de
Sat May 31 11:35:22 EST 1997


I just had started working with Amersham'S ECL reagent when I cam 
across your post. I'm using up the last drops of the bottles so it 
came just in the right moment.
Did you compare your receipe (is there a ref. for that?) to 
commercially available kits (e.g. Amersham)? All I want to do is 
detecting peroxidsase labelled secondary antibodies. Should be right 
for that, doesn't it? Seems that one can make 100s of liters of 
reagent just for the price of 1 kit.

Thanks for contributing!


> In article <338EFCA7.41C6 at risotto.mit.edu>, Thomas Cameron
> <cameron at risotto.mit.edu> wrote:
> > Company kits end up costing $3-5 per western blot which is 90% of
> > the cost of the whole procedure.
> > 
> > People must have some good homemade HRP (and AlkPhos)
> > Chemiluminescent Detection protocols or references?
> > 
> > Could you send me one or point me to it?  Thanks.
> *Luminol 4mg/ml in DMSO         1ml
> *p-iodophenol 1mg/ml in DMSO    1ml
> 1M Tris.HCL pH 7.5              0.6ml
> H2O2 (30%)                      5 microL
> H2O                             7.5ml
> *Store at -20
> Mix this stuff up fresh a few minutes before use.
> Works for me!
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