Removal of dried acrylamide gel from UV-glass??

Joyce Faler joycef at
Mon Nov 3 12:24:02 EST 1997

Thanks to all who responded with suggestions on removing dried
acrylamide gel from UV-glass!!  The main solutions given were:
	-Rehydration with water
	-Removal with NaOH, 0.1 - 4.0 M
	-Careful removal with safety razor
	-BioRad (they sell acrylamide) did not believe that 
		rehydration would work, and suggested picking
		at it with a plastic spatula until removed.

Unfortunately, upon close examination of the glass, I found that 
there were many depressions in the glass where the gel had been.
Apparently some of the glass broke off during the original removal
 of the dry gel - this was before any attempts at rehydration.  This
was a -very- dry gel.

I believe that NaOH did remove any remaining gel - I used a 1M

Thanks again for all who responded, both by email and to this group.

Joyce Faler

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