low rna concentration

Vincent Joseph joseph at rockefeller.univ-lyon1.fr
Mon Nov 3 12:54:40 EST 1997

I've got a problem using the SV RNA isolation kit from promega on (very
!) little amount of tissue; the total concentration of RNA at the end of

the isolation is very low (about 2 microg in 100 microl of water, i need

quite a large volume to read DO at 260 nm) :

 - is ther another way to determinate the RNA concentration, which would

not need large amount of RNA ?

- can i make the last elution (with water) in a volume < 100 microl ?

- is there any possibility of drying the RNA (alcohol precipitation ?
like in the clasical phenol/chloroforme exctraction) ? after the elution


thank you for replying

Vincent JOSEPH

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