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Tue Nov 4 06:17:24 EST 1997

> Nevertheless, Ed, anyone who lacked sufficient ethics to provide you with an honest answer, would also lack the ethics to refrain from adding "no affiliation". So what have you gained?
> I am still convinced that the roots of the practice lie in arrogance rather than anything else.
> "You must be the change you wish to see in the world" -Mohandas K. Ghandi
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> Mike
> (affiliation)

Arrogance ? me thinks you are being far too cynical of the practice.

I dunno Mike...I mean...what separates Science businesses from any other
business ?  don't most business use the "satisfied customer" as a means of
validating their product ?  don't they do this to add some non-partisan
voices of support for their product ? Have you never seen before and after
pictures in some adverts ?

I mean...check *any* product out there, and tell me that this is not
common business practice. Remember "I'm not just the president of the hair
club for men, I am also a satisfied customer". It *never* makes sense for
the very people that have most to gain from selling a product to say "use
this because *I* like it". It is always best to get endorsements from
"satisfied customers". Personally, if I mention a product and then say
that I am not affiliated with the company, I am not doing this in any
pejorative fashion towards the makers of the product, nor am I implying
that it's ok to believe *me* because "I am not the scum-business-person-
from-the-company-that-sells-the-product-and-can-not-be-trusted", I am just
saying "hey, I am a satisfied customer and I am giving you an unbiased
opinion of the product". In fact, you should view "not affiliated" as a
positive thing. It is a vote of confidence from a third (and uninterested
party). We do not have, after all, any trade publications that test
different products regularly (unlike is the case in many other
professions). All we have are each other's experiences.

The fact remains that if I see a result using a certain product on a
refereed journal, I will be more trusting of the results than say a
technical bulletin from a given company. 


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