RNA electrophoresis!!

qin ling qinling at medew.nema.wau.nl
Tue Nov 4 08:13:44 EST 1997

Last time I run RNA fromaldehyde gel, I forgot to put EtBr in the gel like
I do with DNA gel according to a protocol in [current protocol]. I said
shit. What then? Then I put some EtBr 1ug/ml? (have to check on my
notebook, final concentration) to the sample and run it on gel. Under UV
RNA looks great with distinct rRNA bands. so I think the trick is to add
EtBr to the sample instead of  the gel.
Besides I also forgot to heat the sample mix before loading. But as you
know, there was nothing wrong with the RNA and the staining pattern. 
Maybe you are wondering now why I forgot so many things. To be honest, that
was my first RNA gel.
Last but not least, the RNA I used for RACE eventually and got good
results. During RACE I did not forget anything.
Qin Ling
gj at nospampobox4.stanford.edu wrote in article
<345E8020.7FF9 at nospampobox4.stanford.edu>...
> Hi iuse methylene blue also but have not problem destaining. the trick
> is not to stain to long. the methylene blue is in .3M NaOAC ph 5.0 put
> this on membrane for five to ten seconds then wash extesively with
> water.  The stain won't interfer in hyb and washes off in prehyb
> solution. To remove the stain just use a little SDS and heat to 50 
> stain if you don't like blue hyb solutions.

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