Fluorescent quenching

Rocky Baker bakerr at ucs.orst.edu
Tue Nov 4 11:18:47 EST 1997

I have used p-phenylenediamine added to buffered glycerol as described in 
J. Immunological Methods 43(1981)349-350 with good success in standard 
epifluorescence microscopy.  It allowed 2 minute exposures of fluorescent 
antibody preps (using FITC conjugates) with little fading.  I have also 
heard of using n-propyl gallate but I have no specifics on that one.

Rocky Baker
bakerr at ucs.orst.edu
In article < at crab.rutgers.edu>, 
kreider at CRAB.RUTGERS.EDU says...
>Does anyone know of a compound to add to mounting medium to reduce
>fluorescent quenching? Vectashield is effective, but too expensive.
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