Apoptosis in rat brain-stem

Harshinee Wijesinghe VHWCC at CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
Wed Nov 5 22:19:10 EST 1997

I am looking at induced cell death in the rat brain-stem following
axotomy. I am planning to use the TUNEL labelling kit from Travigen.
I would like to know if I can use frozen sections of 30 microns, or
should I use parafin sections of less than 10 microns thickness?
In this situation I would like to know if cell death takes place
through the bcl2 family, Ced family and Caspases family, or is there
evidence of alternate pathways in the rat brain. We know that the
dying neurons express high levels of NOS (nitric oxide synthetase)
wich will produce NO (nitric oxide). Is it known if NOS is linked
to the already-known apoptotic pathway?
Thnaks in advance for any help.
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