pMT2 sequence and some other bacterial stuff...

Stuart Rison stuart at
Wed Nov 5 10:56:49 EST 1997

Dear all,

Does anybody out there have the complete pMT2 sequence (whatever format,
text, GCG, Strider etc.).  All my attempts to find it in the usual databases
have failed (pMT2 was designed by Kaufman et al., Molecular and Cellular
Biology 9(3):946-958).

Also, I'm in the middle of a plasmid designing frenzy but I don't know
anything about bacterial promoters.   I think I've created a superb vector
plagued only by a probable lack of promoter.  Is there a repository of
bacterial promoter sequences?  Can anybody suggest good bacterial promoter
references? What exactly does a promoter look like?  How long are they
normally?  Which is the best for expression in E. coli?

On the subject of vectors, is there a bacterial plasmid origin of
replication compatible with co-transfection with a ColE1 origin bearing
plasmid with a higher copy number than the -rather useless- pACYC pA15
origin of replication.

Finally, on a totally different topic, am I the only one to think that there
should always be a copy of answers to messages in the newsgroup sent back to
the newsgroup.  Quite often someone ask a question I would love to hear the
answer to and adds: "please e-mail ansers directly to me" to their posting. 
This means you never know if no-one was able to answer the question or if
all the ansers were sent directly to the poster of the message.  How about
adding: "please respond to me as well as the group".



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