RNase-inhibiting agents

elader at ambion.com elader at ambion.com
Thu Nov 6 18:51:35 EST 1997

> why not using RNAse Inhibitor? For example GIBCO has a new
> product RNAseOUT, which is less expensive than human
> recombinant RNAse Inhibitor from other companies, because it
> is made in E.coli.

Nobody isolated placental RNase inhibitor from placenta anymore - it's
cloned and overexpressed in e-coli. ProMega owns the patent and makes
most of what's out there. Someone else has an antibody to RNaseA family.

Neither product will work in denaturation solution used to isolate RNA
ie: LiCl, Phenol, GTC.

The guy should try a tri reagent.


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