Help: Looking for a clean 2' anti-rabbit antibody

Guy Oshiro Guy.Oshiro at
Thu Nov 6 16:22:36 EST 1997

Dear group,

I am looking for an anti-rabbit antibody conjugated to HRP that does
not recognize denatured mouse monoclonal IGG.  The goat anti-rabbit
that I have lights up the denatured mouse antibody used in the CO-IP
reaction which also is about the same size as my protein of interest

Please respond if you have a good anti-rabbit antibody that does not
recognize the Mouse IGG.  Or if you have found another way around this
problem.  One way around it maybe by using I125-ProteinA in the western
reaction.  The I125-ProteinA should only recognize the native rabbit
polyclonal antibody but not the denatured mouse IGG.  I haven't tested
this out yet and would appreciate it if someone has.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Guy Oshiro
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