any experience with pBAD vectors?

Koen De Smet k.desmet at
Thu Nov 6 07:34:55 EST 1997

Does anybody want to share their experiences of production of 
recombinant proteins with the pBAD vectors? (J. Bacteriol 177, 4121, 

I have had bad experiences with the pQE vectors (QIAGEN) in that with 
most constructs I get inclusion bodies, wich is a bummer if you want to 
measure enzyme activity! 

The pBAD series are E. coli expression vectors, induced by arabinose. 
According to the paper, it should be possible to fine-tune the level of 
expression so that you avoid the formation of inclusion bodies at too 
high a level of arabinose. This is different from pQE, where using low 
levels of IPTG does not reduce the level of expression in pQE.

Thanks for any comment

Koen De Smet
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