Ultra-Low Freezers

Chia Jin Ngee mcblab47 at leonis.nus.sg
Thu Nov 6 21:53:49 EST 1997

edwardn at bigfoot.com wrote:
: Does anyone know of any other brands of -85 degree freezers besides
: revco. It seems that every lab that I have been to has a revco.  Most of
: my colleagues have had difficulties with their revco units.  I am tring
: to see what other options I have in my search for a -85 freezer.  Any
: suggestions would be greatly appreciated, even if it is just a name.

Sanyo has a medical freezer that goes all the way to -130 without the aid 
of liquid nitrogen or Freons. Check it out.

I'm not affiliated to Sanyo is anyway. Just jealously marvelling at this 
piece of cryotechnology which another lab has :)


Jin Ngee, Chia		
(Genie, the OligoMan)
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