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Would you like to 
          Gain Lean Muscle Mass
            while you SLEEP?

CALORAD is A 100% natural pure liquid food supplement
     designed to help your body create lean muscle tissue
     which reduces the undesirable fat in the body.  The
     primary ingredient is Collagen Hydrolysat; all other
     ingredients are extracted from plants.

Just take one tablespoon of CALORAD in a glass of water on an
empty stomach just before you go to sleep, and WHILE YOU SLEEP
you lose pounds and inches, firm muscles and skin, have more
energy, look and feel better!

To hear a full description of CALORAD as well as place an order,
     please call: 1-909-597-1359, and ask for ALEX ! 
     Ask about our wholesale pricing!!! 

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Go to   http://www.halle.com   to get ALL the info !!


Go to the autoresponder at:

mailto:cal at halle.com

P.S. Now that PHEN-FEN and REDUX have been taken off the market,
     CALORAD is now the product of choice!

P.P.S. We apologize if we inadvertantly sent this unsolicited  Email to you.  You will
not be bothered again, as this is a one time Email and will not be 

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