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Subject:  RNA gels 
Hi there all,
I am curious if somebody has run RNA gels with just TBE and GuSCN?
RNA is mixed with formamide dye and denatured and then run at
than usual voltage.
My question is: is this suitable for Northern or you can just see
intact is your RNA? Does it looks much different compared to the
formaldehyde gels?
Steven Kirov
Medical Faculty

Yes, you could run gel in TBE with GdSCN in the gel. I do the
runing of my total RNA samples by this method and so have to do
away with messy formaldehyde etc. In this way you could keep the
RNA in the gels protected from RNases. I don't know about Northern
but it has been done ( a paper which I would dig out from my
collection if you wish ). The GdSCN should be added at a
concentration of  20mM from a fresh stock of 1 M. I am using 
this method from a paper which was publised I could supply you with
the reference if you desire.

Best wishes

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