Looking for a pBluescript with KAN selection or...

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> Has anyone out there constructed a pBluescript with Kanamycin resistance
> instead of Ampicillin?
> There is a pesky Eam1105I/AhdI restriction site at position ~2046 in the
> Amp resistance gene in pBS that I either need to mutate in the Amp or
> replace the cassette with th Kanamycin resistance gene.
> Any tips appreciated.
> (Does anyone out there know how companies selling T-vectors are making the
> 3' T-overhangs efficiently? I was planning on making the T-vector with 2
> AhdI/Eam1105I resitriction sites in the polylinker til I noticed the site
> in the Amp resistance gene. Perhaps a company has already mutated that
> site?)
> -Thanks
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I made one with 2 XcmI sites (not present in pBuescript) but it didn't
work very well. NEBs info indicates that XcmI should be purer than AhdI ie
it's cloned + better cutting/religation data but it still didn't work for
me - loads of blues, whites incorrect nibbled vector.

You could use pCRscript camR - there's no AhdI in that.

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