Sequencing Gels Not Sticking to Whatmann

Michael Lassner mikel51 at
Sat Nov 8 08:32:46 EST 1997

Solution #1--get an automated sequencer.

Solution #2--It seems to be important that all the moisture in the gel
get wicked throught the Whatman paper or the gel won't stick.  If the
Whatman paper is very wet, the gel won't stick to it.  The solution is
to use several thicknesses of Whatman and really make sure that the
paper makes good contact with the gel.  Use enough paper so that the top
layer stays dry.  

I highly recommend solution #1.


Rob Kirkpatrick wrote:
>    One of the people in our lab is having a unique problem.  After running
> her sequencing gels she places the Whatman paper on the gel to remove it
> from the front plate and then disaster strikes.  The gel does not want to
> come off the glass plate and rips to shreds.  This has happened twice now
> and I can't figure it out.  The backplate is "Sigma Coated" so we can't
> really apply this to the front plate (or can we?).  We haven't changed the
> Whatman or anything else that I can think of...  Has anyone ever
> encountered this before???
> Rob
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