House keeping gene for rat and guinea pig?

Z. Huang huangz at
Mon Nov 10 18:57:16 EST 1997

Hi, bionetters,

Now I am looking for primers for house keeping genes such as beta actin or
GAPDH in rat and guinea pig. However, in case of guinea pig I can only find
a short fragment of cDNA encoding GAPDH from genebank. And it's even worse
that I can't find published sequence data for rat beta actin. My problem is:
I want to design a set of primer to amplify cDNA of above house-keeping gene
from rat, guinea pig. If it's possible this set of primers can also be used
on human and rabbit. Is there anyone who know such a "universal primers for
house keeping gene"? I would be very appreciate to any suggestions. Thanks.

Huang Zhong
Gut Hormone Lab
"Just keep trying...."  ----Boss

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