Single strand affinity matrix

Slavisa Gasic gslavisa at MARLIN.UTMB.EDU
Mon Nov 10 15:00:39 EST 1997

Hi Netters

I have recently found an interesting reference for simple plasmid prep
that yields transfection quality DNA in a single step.  The reference
use a gel-filtration media and a single strand affinity matrix (SSAM) to
remove RNA and bacterial DNA.  This SSAM was produced by Clontech, but
they do not carry it anymore and their technical help specialist did not
know what was it.  Does anybody have an idea what that stuff was?  Did
anybody use it?  What could be used as an alternative, short of
single-strand binding proteins?  My guess is that SSAM is probably some
kind of resin that binds strongly single-strand nucleic acids.


Slavisa Gasic, PhD.

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