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>     > What are some of the disadvantages of using an 18S or 28S probe as
>     an > internal standard for a Northern? Are they better than GAPDH?
>     I have routinely used 18S for standardisation, and to overcome the
>     problem of signal strength and also to ensure that the probe isn't
>     limiting (which would totally destroy any chance of quantitating using
>     the probe...), i always add a bucket load of cold 18S oligo to the
>     hyb.... ie add end labelled and cold together, in say a 1/1000
>     ratio....
>     deb
we have always used a Histon H3 probe as a internal control when working
with samples of the frog (different ages). Another possibility is the use of
an actin-probe. Be sure that you have not treated the samples with a
substrate that also have some influence on the internal probe you use.
Good luck with the experiments.
Brenda Hendriks
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