call for help

Andréa L. Pimenta Pimenta at
Wed Nov 12 11:35:46 EST 1997

I am looking for a kit (preferably) or rapid methods for identifying
and classifying bacteria at least by genus. I have a bug which I am
interested in classifying, but I have only found the reagents sold
separatly under the catalogues that I came across. Since I am not
intending to make a lab routine out of bacteria taxonomy, I'd rather
have a quick "kit-like" method for classification, which someone told me
is available. This bug looks like E. coli under the optical microscope,
and it smells as E. coli too. That's about all that I can say for the
moment (I am still waiting for the results of growing on MacConkey
	I'd be glad if someone out there could indicate me a company that sells
this kind of material.
	Thanks for your help!

	Andrea L. Pimenta
	pimenta at

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