3'-phosphoadenosine, 5'-phosphate (PAP)

Charo gil-mascarell cgil at ibmcp.upv.es
Wed Nov 12 17:22:45 EST 1997

Does anyone know where I could find: 3'-phosphoadenosine, 
5'-phosphate (PAP).  We normally get it from SIGMA, but at the moment 
they have problems for producimg it and we need it urgently now.  I 
have read that a company called: P-L Biochemicals, may produce it, but 
I do not know how to contact them.
So, if you know were I could get this compound, or anything about P-L 
Biochemicals, please let me now.  This is urgent!!
My e-mail address is the following: cgil at ibmcp.upv.es.
Thank you very much in advance.

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