Gel extraction

qin ling qinling at
Wed Nov 12 05:32:19 EST 1997


I also use Pharmacia's easy prep kit for gel purification with limited
satisfaction. Sometimes after purification  and run on gel again to check,
I saw one additional double sized weaker band(some workers in our lab use
Promega glassmax, find the same thing). Sometimes after purification I saw
a weaker smaller band. Still sometimes after elution, the eluted stuff will
floating out of the wells even when I am sure I have gotten rid of all the
ethanol. I suspect there is something else. Now I ehanol precipitate the
elution product and resuspend before loading on gel. Anybody experienced
the same thing? any ideas?

Richard J. Dudley <rdudley at> wrote in article
<3468A24D.3585 at>...
> I have had great success with Pharmacia's kit for gel extraction.  One
> thing that I have changed is that I always perform one more wash with
> wash buffer (or 70% EtOH, as the case may be) than is recommended.  Then
> elute for the maximum recommended time in H2O.

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