gel purificaton

Wolfgang Schechinger wgschech at
Wed Nov 12 09:44:46 EST 1997

Hi. Why don't you use the simple glasswool / aquarium wool protocol 
from maniatis?

Ify ou intend to use a kit, supelco (you may order from sigma)
 has very good spin columns, quick and reliable.

5-6501 is the order number, they give away free sample kits of 2 
items upon request. 

PS: after so extensively challenging the newsgroup
with test posts, you must write us a nice poem to 
the group!

> Hi:
> I also use Pharmacia easy prep kit for gel purification with limited
> satisfaction. sometimes an additional double sized band
> appearing(people in our lab encounter the same thing with Promega
> glassmax), sometimes an addtional smaller band appears. Sometimes
> the elution product floating out of the well on gel even when I am
> sure I have gotten rid of all the ethanol. Now i do a ethanol
> precipitation before loading on gel. Anybody have the same
> experience? Ideas? 
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