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Wed Nov 12 20:39:18 EST 1997

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> Marieke
> Jeha (geha at hsc.usc.edu) wrote:
> : Anybody knows of any GCG instruction manuals that are not written by GCG

Go to PSC. site is

Pedro's page is nice but finding stuff is difficult to say the least.  The
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center runs this program on thier front end
computers(VMS) and they update it frequently but in another several months
ALL BIOSCIENTISTS that are funded by the government will no longer be able
to use this site  and will have to go to San Diego's Supercomputing site
which has no GCG.  This is because the Boneheads at NSF decided to fund
only two supercomputing sites and niether of them specializes in
biomedical computing.

Okay I am now stepping off the soap box. :)

"Don't you eat that yellow snow
    WAtch out where the Huskies go"


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