Sequencing Gels Not Sticking to Whatmann

Richard L lm11 at
Wed Nov 12 18:57:35 EST 1997

Rob Kirkpatrick <kirkpat at cc.?umanitoba?.ca> wrote:
:    One of the people in our lab is having a unique problem.  After running
: her sequencing gels she places the Whatman paper on the gel to remove it
: from the front plate and then disaster strikes.  The gel does not want to
: come off the glass plate and rips to shreds.  This has happened twice now
: and I can't figure it out.  The backplate is "Sigma Coated" so we can't
: really apply this to the front plate (or can we?).  We haven't changed the
: Whatman or anything else that I can think of...  Has anyone ever
: encountered this before???

: Rob

Hi Rob,

About 2 yrs ago, I met the same problem. It was finally resovled by using
another batch Whhatmann paper.


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