SacI near end of PCR product

John Richard Seavitt jrseavit at
Wed Nov 12 14:38:52 EST 1997

On Wed, 12 Nov 1997, Koen De Smet wrote:

> I normally rely on the NEB catalogue to figure out how many extra 
> nucleotides to add at the end of the primer to get good cleavage. But 
> they only show data for one extra nucleotide for SacI, which cuts only 
> 10% overnight. So I added four and hoped for the best.

Just as a note, I discovered in the past that NED has additional data than
published (for at least the enzymes I was interested in) that are
available if you give them a call or email.  They were happy to share
(acutally quite a bit more than I expected) info that has not yet made it
into the catalog.

John Seavitt

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