high speed disposable tubes

colossus... s535290 at aix1.uottawa.ca
Thu Nov 13 23:23:26 EST 1997

Funny that David mentioned the Sarstedt tubes because I was about to chime
with the same. The Sarstedt tubes are good up to about 11K RPM (~15K x g) 
but start distorting on extended centrifugation. Below it, they are fine.
I don't think they are specifically DNAse/RNAse free, but we use them for
DNA preps, RNA preps and everything in between with absolutely no


> At 11:33 11/13/97 -0400, Darren A. Natale wrote:
> >Does anyone know of the existence of commercially available disposable
> >tubes that can withstand up to 12000 x g?  DNase/RNase-free is
> >preferred, but I also wish to know about sterile (TC) and non-sterile
> >tubes.  Thanks for any information you can provide.
> >
> >Darren Natale
> Darren:
> I think so...  try the 13ml polypropylene tubes from Sarstedt.  They fit in
> the tube holders for Beckman JA13.1 and JA20.1 rotors.  We use them all the
> time for DNA/RNA work.
> Hope this helps,
> David

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