Q: Gel extraction procedure

Guy Hermans ghermans at luc.ac.be
Thu Nov 13 08:17:05 EST 1997

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> Hi,
> I am using a kit for gel extraction of DNA bands. This kit, although
> packaged in a beautiful box, has low yields and I am now inclined to
> throw this box away - even though it has so nice colors. I wish they 
> put their effort on something else than the packaging.
>         So does anyone have a clean method to do gel extracts that have good
> yields, some kind of an old fashion way that would be clean enough for
> blunt-ended ligations? Or even a kit with high yields and an ugly
> packaging?
> Thanks in advance and have good experiments (without kits).
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> Guy Tremblay
> Universite de Montreal
> tremblgu at magellan.umontreal.ca

Hi I use a gelpurification kit of GENOMED and am satisfied with it, its
one of the cheapest ones on the market. As disadvantage the box is ugly:
pink and black.

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