Public domain journals?

mayday at mayday at
Fri Nov 14 19:13:35 EST 1997

Does anyone know of a molecular biology journal that is public domain or
will carry articles in the public domain?

For ideological reasons, I have a peculiar desire to see public research
funded by public money published in the public domain, so that all
interested persons can legally access the full text on-line.  More
importantly, I finally have a paper that is authored only by myself and
my advisor, which isn't so glamorous that we have to worry about trying
to get a prestige publication.  So ... is there ANYTHING out there that
is distributed in a normal way to libraries, deals with molecular
biology, and allows me to keep the data public?

[Note:  please don't give me any comments about so-and-so "not caring" or
"not noticing" about Web pages - if you've followed the ongoing disaster
in congress at all, you can see that "fascism" is no exaggeration
concerning their plans for copyright law.]

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